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Our Courses

We believe in roads less travelled and follow the unconventional methods of teaching which are fun and customised according to the student’s needs.

We offer courses suited for learners at every level. From school-goers to professionals and homemakers, the courses have been crafted to suit every learner’s requirements. For those looking at basic understanding of french language, there’s a Beginners Course with DELF A1 and A2 levels. Professionals engaging in international opportunities are well suited for the Intermediate Course with DELF B1 and B2. We will soon be offering a Proficiency Course with C1 and C2 levels, crafted for those looking at passing on their expertise to others.

International Certificate Courses

Language Courses Crafted for Career Growth.

Every step that you take, adds more value to your education or career prospects at Just French. With courses spanning over 12 weeks and each module ending with mock test to help gauge if you’re heading right direction, here’s an overview of what we offer to make the process of learning french seamless.

Beginner Course DELF A1

The beginner course will familiarise you with the fundamentals of french language and teach you the very basics of french grammar. Popular among school/college student and occasionally, house makers.

Elementary Course DELF A2

In the elementary course you get to dig deeper into language rules for french. There will be regular speaking, reading, and writing exercises with a mix of multi-media to keep things engaging.

Intermediate Course DELF B1

Aimed at the professionals looking at adding more value to their profile, the course have elaborate topics and more intricate grammar. You’ll hone your knowledge through extensive exercises.

Independent Course DELF B2

The course prepares you to become an independent french speaking individual with a good command over the grammar. Throughout the course, you will get to express your opinion in french seamlessly.

Proficiency Course DALF C1

Crafted for those seeking advanced knowledge of french, this course prepares you to decode complex french literature, write thesis, debate, and more independently pursue the culture.

Mastery Course DALF C2

Mastery Course will help you replicate the finesse of a native speaker. Not only would you be able to communicate efficiently but also impart your knowledge to others seamlessly.

Language Immersion Courses

Courses for French Language Immersion.

These courses are envisioned to build language skills for early learners and who are already know French under structured organisations or schools. Ideal audience varies from students wants to appear in international exams at school level to teachers who wants to polish their professional skills.

Junior DELF Levels

A complete package for early learners, this immersive course is aimed at those looking at not simply learning how to read or speak in french, but excel to the level of being able to independently express.

French School Curriculum

This immersive course is targeted at school students. It features a special course structure that allows students to learn the language at their academic pace without feeling burdened.

Teacher Training

For those looking at teaching french with refined skills and excellence, the Teacher Training Programme has the adequate and relevant modules which are also time efficient.


Corporate Programmes

Businesses or enterprises looking at enhancing the language skills of their workforce can opt for this programme.
Get in touch with us for more details.

Student Testimonials

Our students love us and we take pride in that.

No work of passion is successful if there’s no praise. Here’s what our beloved students have to say about learning about a new language, culture, and experience at Just French.