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We make
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love with French.

Journey of thousand miles starts with a single step.

French is the second global language today. Whether you are a student looking at international education, a professional seeking better job prospects, or simply someone who wants to hone their language skills, French is the language to choose.

Our Differentiators

We’re one of the best in the industry.

An intricately designed course structure which is student-centric, highly experienced teachers who are friendly, and an engaging methodology that makes learning fun is why we are a preferred centre to learn French.

Vivid Industry Experience

Our experience spans across international embassy environment to running successful education programs in India.

Strong Language Foundation

We have been a strong faculty in our field, having mastery in the French language for over a decade.

Global & Cultural Perspective

We assist students in building a global vision and a cultural perspective while learning a new language in an open environment.


Our students gain
global experience.

Every student we teach achieves more than just an international diploma; they develop French cultural belonging.

Our immersive courses help students in achieving academics results while expanding their intellectual horizons. They are international education aspirants who went abroad, college students, immigration seeking individuals and business executives. Do you aspire to be one of them?

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Featured Courses

The Immersive French Language Courses for Everyone.

From teaching the fundamentals of French language to refining the fluency, we have got your covered with our exhaustive curriculum. At Just French, we teach modules crafted for college students, working professionals, corporates, as well as home makers.

Beginner Course DELF A1

The beginner course will familiarise you with the fundamentals of the French language and teach you the very basics of French grammar. Popular among school/college student and home makers.

French School Curriculum

This immersive course is targeted at school students. It has a special structure that allows students to learn the language at their academic pace without feeling burdened.

Corporate Programmes

Businesses or enterprises looking at enhancing the language skills of their workforce to facilitate day-to-day functioning of their overseas operations can opt for this programme.

Blogs & Events

Dive into immersive knowledge of French Culture & Education.

A delightful food for thought for all you French language lovers. Find all the guides you need to understand the language better, know more about the French culture and cuisine, and of course, some travel tips to French-speaking nations in the world in a light and engaging format. Happy reading!

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